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Florida Certified Election Professionals (FCEP)

FCEP Program Information

The nationally-awarded FCEP program, organized by FSASE, provides Florida elections officials, their staff, and vendors the opportunity to receive additional election education on topics such as voter registration, media relations, and election workers, to name a few.  

The FCEP mission is to provide and support continuing education and certification programs that encourage the highest level of professionalism. 

In 2015, the FCEP program was awarded the Professional Practice Award from the Election Center and in 2016, the FCEP program was awarded the Eagle Award from IGO.

Objectives       Core Values      Certification and Credentialing  FCEP Protocols

Course Scope & Sequence/Description

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FCEP Objectives

  • To increase the knowledge and skill levels of elected officials and staff in elections offices in Florida
  • To provide incentives to supervisors of elections and their staff to continually enhance their levels of professional and personal development
  • To integrate current courses and programs from IGO (formerly IACREOT) and the Election Center with additional learning options in elections law, administrative skills, research and technology, and human relations
  • To share common perspectives, issues, and challenges in a structured, collegial atmosphere

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FCEP Certification and Credentialing

FCEP offers certification and credentialing for Supervisors of Elections, their staff, and vendors in a tiered system. Participants move through a series of three levels with designations awarded at the completion of each level.


The Master Florida Certified Elections Professional (MFCEP) designation or Master Florida Certified Elections Vendor (MFCEV) is awarded to individuals that complete all three levels of FCEP training.

Congratulations to the most recent graduates of the FCEP program!

For a full list of individuals that have been awarded their MFCEP or MFCEV designation, please click here.





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