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Florida Certified Election Professionals (FCEP)

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FCEP Program Information

The nationally-awarded FCEP program, organized by FSE, provides Florida elections officials, their staff, and vendors the opportunity to receive additional election education on topics such as voter registration, media relations, and election workers, to name a few. The FCEP mission is to provide and support continuing education and certification programs that encourage the highest level of professionalism. In 2015, the FCEP program was awarded the Professional Practice Award from the Election Center and in 2016, the FCEP program was awarded the Eagle Award from IGO (formerly known as IACREOT).

For a complete introduction to the FCEP Program, please review the FCEP Student Manual.


FCEP Objectives

  • To increase the knowledge and skill levels of elected officials and staff in elections offices in Florida.
  • To provide incentives to Supervisors of Elections and their staff to continually enhance their levels of professional and personal development.
  • To integrate current courses and programs from IGO (formerly IACREOT) and the Election Center with additional learning options in elections law, administrative skills, research and technology, and human relations.
  • To share common perspectives, issues, and challenges in a structured, collegial atmosphere.

FCEP Core Values

  • Apply the highest ethical standards, integrity, competencies and professionalism.
  • Seek to continuously improve the election experience in Florida.
  • Maintain transparency in relationships with citizens, colleagues, staff and other agencies.
  • Communicate openly and honestly, inviting the free expression of ideas.
  • Collaborate as a team acknowledging diverse roles and expertise.
  • Strive for personal excellence and professional development through purposeful and continual learning.

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FCEP Curriculum

The FCEP program consists of 30 core courses that cover election education topics such as election law, voter registration, polling place management, as well as courses that cover topics in the areas of human resources, stress management and leadership to name a few.

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FCEP Program Admission Requirements

New participants to the FCEP program, must complete an application for admittance prior to registering for FCEP courses. The application form, located below, must be submitted via email upon completion. Once the participant has been accepted into the FCEP program, the participant will be sent a welcome email which will provide instructions on how the participant can track completion of FCEP courses.

FCEP Admittance Application

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FCEP Session Calendar & Course Schedule

FCEP courses are primarily offered in odd numbered years. Four, five-course sessions, are offered bi-monthly. (Special sessions are occasionally offered in even years.)

2023 FCEP Course Schedule


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FCEP June 2023 Course Registration

June 2023 live session tiered registration opening dates:

  • April 25, 2023: Supervisors only
  • May 2, 2023: Participants needing only courses 121-125 to graduate
  • May 9, 2023: All Staff
  • May 16, 2023: Vendors

Hotel block registration closes June 1, 2023.

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Master Florida Certified Election Professional/Vendor Graduation & Certification

In order for a participant to obtain the Master Florida Certified Election Professional/Vendor (MFCEP/MFCEV) designation, participants must complete the 30 core FCEP courses, participate in a statewide primary and general election cycle, and submit an application for graduation. The Master Florida Certified Election Professional/Vendor graduation checklist and application is located here.

FCEP participants can check their progress by accessing their FCEP account via

For a full list of individuals that have been awarded their MFCEP or MFCEV designation, please click here.


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Master Florida Certified Election Professional/Vendor Certification Renewal

MFCEP/MFCEV recertification occurs every two years following the participants original graduation date. In order to maintain the MFCEP/MFCEV designation, graduates must take one renewal course within the two year period.

ATTENTION GRADUATES: Need to take a renewal course? The classes below are available to take online:

  • MFCEP/V Online Renewal Course 201: History of Elections in Florida
  • MFCEP/V Online Renewal Course 202: Civic Engagement
  • MFCEP/V Online Renewal Course 203: Redistricting & Reprecincting

To register for renewal courses, please click HERE.
The link above will route you to the registration page where you can select and pay for the course.

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Ethics Training — Supervisors Only

ATTENTION SUPERVISORS: In need of 2023 Ethics Training? Click HERE to register for the Florida Institute of Government Ethics, Public Records & Sunshine Law 2023 course at no charge, courtesy of FSE.

Please note: This course is intended for Supervisors Only.

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