"Supporting fair, honest and accurate elections in the state of Florida"

Membership and Officers

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FSASE Membership

The Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE) is a professional membership organization representing the Supervisors of Elections of Florida’s 67 counties. Our goal is to support fair, honest and accurate elections in the state of Florida.

FSASE was founded in 1964.

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Supervisors of Elections

Supervisors of Elections are elected officials responsible for:

  • Administering all elections in their respective counties
  • Conducting voter registration
  • Voter education
  • Issuing voter information cards
  • Providing absentee voting
  • Maintaining election equipment
  • Hiring and training election workers
  • Renting and equipping polling places
  • Providing information and statistics on voter registration, voting and elections
  • Qualifying candidates for office
  • Receiving campaign finance reports

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FSASE Officers

President  President-Elect  Vice President
Dana Southerland
Taylor County
Paul Lux
Okaloosa County
Vice President
Tammy Jones
Levy County
Secretary Treasurer Past President 
Craig Latimer
Hillsborough County
Wesley Wilcox
Marion County
Past President
Chris Chambless
Clay County

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