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Early Voting

Early voting is a time period prior to Election Day, at a location designated by the Supervisor of Elections, where registered voters can vote their ballots.

During early voting, you must vote in your county but you are not required to vote in your precinct. It is ideal if you wish to vote closer to work or school, or if you are unavailable on Election Day.

For all Florida elections in which there is a state or federal office race, the Supervisor of Elections is required to conduct early voting.

Early Voting Schedule

Specific early voting dates and times in your county are determined by your local Supervisor of Elections. Early voting will end the weekend before the election. There is no early voting the day before Election Day.

Early Voting Locations

All supervisors will hold early voting in their main and branch offices. In addition, supervisors may designate certain other locations for early voting sites as allowed by state law; however, if so designated, these sites must be geographically located so that all voters in the county have an equal opportunity to cast a vote.

Additional Information

To vote early, remember to bring current photo and signature identification with you.

For more information contact your local Supervisor of Elections or the Division of Elections.

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