FCEP Testimonials

Elections Officials Praise the FCEP Program 

LaJuana Rinker, Chief Deputy, Walton County:

"I was so glad to see the FSASE offer credentialing classes for SOE Staff. We had been asking for them for some time. Other Constitutional Offices have similar classes for their staff, and we would bemoan seeing their pictures in the newspaper for completing their classes and not being able to attend any for our offices. I have attended every class offered and have been so thankful for the opportunity! Some of the benefits we have been afforded have helped:

  • Improve understanding of election related subjects
  • Apply problem-solving tools and strategies to face challenges;
  • Recognize the latest standards and procedures in following statues and performing tasks of the position
  • Enforce efficient recordkeeping practices to accommodate routine budgeting and auditing; and
  • Enhance our communication skills with other county SOEs and Staff.

The instructors have been excellent. The costs have been kept manageable, and the knowledge and resources are invaluable."

Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections, Pasco County:

"As a first term Supervisor, I found the FCEP program and courses invaluable to my professional development. The instructors were exceptional and the interaction with my colleagues has greatly assisted in making me a better elections administrator."

Eric West, Customer Service/Absentee Director, Collier County:

"FCEP classes are valuable because the content is focused on practical knowledge that is directly relevant to Florida election administration. Also, participation provides an opportunity to network with other Florida elections officials and review best practices."

Fred S Bellis, Election Operations Coordinator/Executive Assistant, Broward County:

"The FCEP Courses that we have taken over the past three years have been most informative. We have been able to meet with and share ideas and information with our neighboring county leaders and also election offices of all sizes throughout the state of Florida. It has been a great pleasure to have enrolled in the courses and a great learning experience. I look forward to the 2013 courses."